"GFC Systems" offers technologies and solutions to reduce environmental pollution and its impact on climate changes.

About us

The company "GFC Systems" has built its development on a rich experience in the industrial sector, which its founder gained through many years of work in various industries. Over the past two decades, active efforts have been made to adapt and specialize in various industrial sectors.


A wide range of equipment

We supply equipment across a wide spectrum of market segments, ranging from oil refineries to ships and chemical processing plants, from industrial firms to dairy product processing companies and water purification equipment.

Environmentally friendly

We carefully evaluate existing processes and their efficiency, including energy consumption analysis, and offer solutions that are not only cost-effective but also technically optimize system performance.

With experience in the field of climate change and environmental protection, we are particularly aware of the increased demand for energy efficiency and emissions reduction worldwide.


"GFC Systems" offers technologies and solutions to reduce environmental pollution and the impact on climate change, providing modern and sustainable solutions to the industrial sector.

Our company continues to develop and promote the patented product line from APSI Inc. in Europe, known under the brand "Green Fuel Catalyst."

"Green Fuel Catalyst" is based on the innovative Fitch® fuel catalyst technology, manufactured in the United States. It is well-known in the market under the brand "Green Fuel Catalyst."


"GFC Systems" actively participates in industrial technology exhibitions to help clients learn more about our solutions and innovations.

We are proud to have come a long way from our initial business idea to becoming a responsible company that takes responsibility for the sustainability and development of the industrial sector.

Reduce costs and conserve resources

Environmental protection and emissions reduction have become a global priority, considering climate change and its impact on societies worldwide.

Today, companies must take an active role in combating the climate crisis because their operations affect not only business but also the environment and society.

Energy efficiency measures and emissions reduction can help companies conserve resources and reduce long-term operating costs, enhancing competitiveness among industry players.

Towards a greener future

By implementing more sustainable and environmentally friendly innovations in industry, we can ensure a better future for the next generations.

Focusing on zero-emission goals and adapting to lower carbon future emission standards, "GFC Systems" collaborates with those companies that offer innovative solutions and help businesses successfully reduce the industry's negative impact on the environment.

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